An Anniversary

During the course of a decade I’ve gotten married, almost got divorced, quit one job, fired from another, became a mother (twice), dealt with a black out of epic proportions by sleeping in one room at my parents’ house with both kids and my husband, lost two very good friends, confronted old trauma and faced down new, learned about gluten free living only to find out it’s better for my family to do paleo, made and reconnected with some amazing people I’m proud to call friends, discovered my love of writing, read many books, and celebrated being married to the man who’s been along for the ride with me.  Ten years.  In an age where time moves fast, information moves faster, and expectations shift almost as quickly – we’re still married, he still surprises me (never about having a clean basement, though), and it was because of him and our amazing children that I realized surrender and submission can hold equal parts strength and beauty.

We might not have a lot – and that includes a date for our anniversary dinner celebration – but what we have means everything.




One response to “An Anniversary

  • Kate

    God bless you Kim. You have a wealth of happiness and your priorities in a good order. In this life we can loose everything, but never the love we share with others. Cheers to you for the next decade!

    Love you,

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